Subject: Christmas 2001 at Jane's in PA
Photopgraphers: mostly Jane, ???
These 1st few picks are from Jane's new camera

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DCP_0001 DCP_0002 DCP_0003 DCP_0004
DCP_0001.jpg DCP_0002.jpg DCP_0003.jpg DCP_0004.jpg
DCP_0005 DCP_0006 DCP_0007 DCP_0008
DCP_0005.jpg DCP_0006.jpg DCP_0007.jpg DCP_0008.jpg
DCP_0009 DCP_0010 DCP_0011 DCP_0012
DCP_0009.jpg DCP_0010.jpg DCP_0011.jpg DCP_0012.jpg
DCP_0013 DCP_0014 DCP_0015 DCP_0016
DCP_0013.jpg DCP_0014.jpg DCP_0015.jpg DCP_0016.jpg


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