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This is the personal web site of Jeremy Farrance.  Little known outside his family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances, he ekes out an alternative virtual existence on the web...  Enough of that hooey!  Poke around the site, there is a lot here, though it is, all, of admittedly dubious value depending on who you are.


Yeah, you read right.  I was taking care of a friend's garden last week while she was out of town.  One day I had the digital camera in the car and decided there were some pictures to be had.  They came out so good I thought I would share.  Enjoy!

Trust Me?

A few of the people who know me well enough, know that I like to write.  I updated the Opinion Mine pages with a recent article I wrote.  Check it out if you are interested.  Trusting Mr. Anonymous.

Hidden In Plain View

They're back!  With a new Album (EP) out in May 2002, they have a new song available called Eyes Like a Target.  My nephew, Joe Reo, is the lead singer for Hidden in Plain View.   MP3s to download and listen to, lots of photos, links to reviews of their shows, show dates... what more could you ask for?  Go there now!

Christmas 2001 Photos

Some of the highlights include some great close-ups taken by Lauren, a great photo of the four siblings (Jane, Sandra, Jeremy and Jeffrey), as well as a new classic in the annals of accidental butt-crack photography.  Enjoy!

Good Family Photos

Aunt Christine and Uncle JoeI also just added a about 70 new photos to the family pictures.  Last September (2000), my Aunt Christine and Uncle Joe came up from Florida to visit my Dad.  The whole family converged for one weekend.  Lots of fun and some pretty good family photos!

Ginger and Opal Arrive!

Ginger, Opal, Ginger, Opal, Giner, Opal
I just took delivery on two cute little Kittens named Opal and Ginger.  If you would like to see a few more photos of these 2 new additions to the Farrance clan, click you mouse right here


I just have to share this with everyone...  please take the time to download and view this very funny animation.  I highly recommend it!  FYI - I did not have anything to do with the production or content, the names used are a complete coincidence, I swear!!!  ;)  The movie is in ASF format, so you will probably need Windows Media Player to view it.

   AH, L'AMOUR by Don Hertzfeldt

Also, I tracked down Don's home page, there are other funny animation there, enjoy!

Riding, Pictures and Music

Jeremy on his birthday...June, 2001 - Busy social and getting lots of exercise lately.  Lots been going on.  Finally added back the photos from Christmas 1996 (from the old web site).  I also have a secret other life where I go online and play Name That Tune with lots of friends in a place known as LIiVE/4Anything.

Click the photo to the right to see a recent photo of me - taken on my 38th birthday no less!


If your last name is Farrance and you are interested in having a cool e-mail address, please contact me.

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