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The new photo section will be organized on a time line by year (below).  This will mostly be vacations, family, events and what not.  A time-line record of my existence so far?  I plan to include photos all the way back in to the 1960s (and possibly further).  I will be adding another section of photos soon that will include favorite pictures, my Royal Doulton Toby Jug collection (maybe), and a few surprises. 

Hey, listen up!!!  I have NO PHOTOS at all from the 1980s.
I would really appreciate it if anyone who knows me or knew me then would please contribute a few.  Digital, printed or film is fine.  If you send originals and want them back, I will go to extreme lengths to get them back to you right away; I will happily include converting them to high quality digital photos on a CD. 

The old Photo Album is still here.

2002 - It's New to You!

June, Photos in a friends garden...
I recently took care of a friend's garden while they were out of town.  The digital camera was in the car, so I took a few photos.  They came out so sunny and colorful I thought I would share.  Check them out here.

2001 - Updated

December, Family Christmas at Jane's
So much for being a rare event, the complete immediate family trekked from far and wide to celebrate Christmas together in PA.  Some of the highlights include some great close-ups taken by Lauren, a great photo of the four siblings (Jane, Sandra, Jeremy and Jeffrey), as well as a new classic in the annals of accidental butt-crack photography.  There are lots of pictures of the whole family, enjoy!.

July, Cute Kitten Arrival
Meet Ginger and Opal, two cute little 3 month old kittens that showed up special delivery on Friday, July 7th.

Muriel and JaneFebruary, Florida with Mom and Jane
In February of 2001, Jane and I planned a little surprise visit for Mom.  Mom knew Jane was coming, but not me... you can check out lots of photos from the trip here.  Doesn't Mom's hair look great!?


September, Maine with Dad, Sue and Jeff/Michele's Family
In late September 2000 I flew out to visit family and have a quick vacation.  My friend Ralph and his son Ralphie met me at my father's new house where we had a sleep over and spent time with Dad and Sue.  The next day Dad and I took off for Maine together where we spent a few days in the Bar Harbor area.  Then we headed down to Kennebunkport to spend the last part of the vacation with my brother Jeffrey, Michele and their kids Arthur and George.  Lots of photos from the trip.

Aunt Christine and Uncle JoeSeptember, Aunt Chris and Uncle Joe Visit in CT
Aunt Christine and Uncle Joe came up from Florida and stayed at Dad's house in CT for a few days.  Lots of people showed up for the visit.  These pictures are from Saturday and Sunday.  Quite a few good pictures in this batch.


[month], [where and who]
Coming soon...


The Complete Farrance FamilyDecember, Family Christmas at Sandra's
This is a fairly rare event, this complete immediate family; Mom, Dad, and their four children were not only present, but for the first time in over a decade, we got a photo of the six of us together.  There are lots of pictures of the whole family.


[month], [where and who]
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Jeremy and JeffreyDecember, New England, Xmas and More
Just a few photos from a Christmas time vacation with many stops along the way.


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