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JRFMy Family

What would a guy be without his family?  I am not sure there is a correct answer to that question.  I grew up oblivious to the fact that my family was dysfunctional.  As I got away from home in my late teens I realized two things.  The first was hard to accept, I struggled with it, denied it, looked around for confirmation and support.  Nothing.  It was true.  1) I came from a dysfunctional family.  The second thing I realized was even tougher.  It took me in to my twenties before this one hit home.  I had to overcome some basic assumptions that were deeply rooted in my psyche.  The revelation finally did hit home though, and when it did, I was indeed a better person.  2) All families are dysfunctional.


There names are Muriel and George.  They were born in 1933.  They married in the late 50s.  It is hard to drag the exact date out of either one of them because then you might realize that... never mind.  Nobody told me until I was 24, so why should I make it so easy for you?  They separated around 1980 when I was 16.  Dad remarried Sue in 1988? and lives in Connecticut.  Mom never remarried.  She lives in Boca Raton, Florida where she is very happy as long as she is not thinking about not having her children around and that we don't call often enough and don't visit often enough...

Siblings 3

My oldest sister Jane was born in 1952, for some odd reason she has remained one of my favorite people since as early as I can remember.  My sister Sandra was born in 1954.  She couldn't be more different than Jane and easily qualifies as one of the most interesting people I have ever known.  It is a good thing that I love her dearly.  Jeffrey is my younger brother by 3 years.  Not quite as interesting as Sandra, but close, really close.


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