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JRFOld Stuff

This is where the headlines from the Home Page go when they retire.  Nothing changes, they just move to this page.  Why?  So the site's landing page stay short and current, but people can still catch up with things they may have missed.

Movie Reviews

May, 2001 - Everyone knows I like movies, some believe I like them to a fault.  So now it's time to share.  I have begun writing my own mini-reviews of movies.  They are not long, boring diatribes that espouse things I know and want to impress you with.  They are not flippant.  They are not a recap of my days events, nor a poignant look at how the movie affected me.  My reviews are short (usually 3 paragraphs or less) bits of info that rate and judge the movie - according to me, of course.  I do throw in a few comments and thoughts along the way (who wouldn't).  I have recently added movie reviews of Pearl Harbor, Shrek and The Mummy Returns, please check them out.

Overlooked Film Festival

April 25-29, 2001 - Little old Champaign/Urbana - sorry, Urbana/Champaign - has a rather impressive little film festival of its own.  Opening night with the 70mm Re-mastered 1st-run print of 2001 A Space Odyssey was truly an "event".  The Virginia Theatre is a beautiful renovation in progress, not to be missed on any opportunity!  Find out more about Roger Ebert's Third Annual Overlooked Film Festival!

February Trip to Florida

In February of 2001, Jane and I planned a little surprise visit for Mom.  Mom knew Jane was coming, but not me... you can check out lots of photos from the trip here.

Hidden In Plain View

Check out my nephew's band's web site!!  His name is Joe Reo, the band is called Hidden in Plain View.   MP3s to download and listen to, lots of photos, links to reviews of their shows, show dates... what more could you ask for?  Go there now!


If your last name is Farrance and you are interested in having a cool e-mail address, please contact me.

Where's the Old Site???

After 4 years of faithful (yet slightly boring) service, the old site had been retired.  The new site (online 4/22/01) contains almost all the previous content, but in a more organized structure.  If you would still like to explore the old site, you can still find it here.  But not for long... once I full convert the photo album to the new format, the old site will vanish forever (now if only Star Trek would do the same!).


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