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Jeremy, August, 2002Jeremy

A page about me on my own site?  The height of conceit?  Well, I just have to assume you are curious.  This is a scattered and oddly unrealized record of a human being.  No food or beverages beyond this point...

Things I am interested in: Music, Movies, Books, Computers, Programming (ASP/VB, etc), Databases, Internet, History, Science/Nature, Discoveries, Horses, Cooking, the world as an island...

When people ask me how old I am, I like to tell them, "13 with over 20 years experience!".

Biographical Information

June, 1963
Birth.  At 11.75 pounds I will assume my mom had some great drugs that day.  The birth happened at he Hackensack hospital in New Jersey.  We lived in Park Ridge at the time (or so the photos lead me to believe).  

September, 1973
Moved out of New Jersey (just in time too, more than 12 years and the chemicals have permanent affects) to a cool little place called Somers, NY.  Haven't lived there since the mid-80s, but it still "feels" like home.

June, 1981
Graduated from North Salem High School with 72 other people.  Still very good fiends with a few of them!  Went off to Buffalo (UB) to become an architect.  One evening I borrowed a friend's Commodore 64 computer just to play around.  Returned it to him the next day, skipped classes and bought my own... architecture didn't seem very important to me after that.  I still miss Sugar.

September, 1984
I finally figured out whether the toilet paper roll should have the paper come off the roll "over" or "under".  If you own a cat, it should be "under".  I still miss Solitaire.

May, 1989
Went to work for Micro-PACE as a salesperson. Still there, though now I do primarily computer stuff.

February, 1995
I learned the hard way that even good auto-focus cameras will not do close-ups on cute little black balls of fur that you find abandon in barns.  I took a couple of dozen picture of this fuzzy little dark blue eyed kitten all to no avail.  I miss Jessie.

November, 2000
Sold my 2nd house and moved back in to an apartment.  I have too much stuff.  Bummer.

June, 2001
Someone caught me smiling and enjoying life!  To the right is the photo to prove it.  It was taken at work on my 38th birthday. 

Dec, 2003
After a short evolutionary career sidetrack that is not worth shouting about, I went to work for Area-Wide Technologies as Director of Internet Services.

Contact Information

Current E-mail Addresses
Work: jfarrance@areawidetech.com
Home: jeremy@farrance.net
Other: jeremyfarrance@hotmail.com

Personal Web Site

Champaign, Illinois, United States

If your last name is Farrance and you are interested in having an e-mail address, please contact me.

Web Sites I Have Worked On

Ralph Mackin Architects
One of the leading residential architects in New England.

Kathy Setta Designs (formerly Details Jewelry)
Unique and inspiring jewelry by Kathy Setta with a gorgeous web site design by Meredith Rilley.

Life of Rilley
Whether you love the beauty of the Adirondacks or are not even sure where they are...

Sunset Funeral and Memorial
Most of this site was done by a guy named Matt.  I did the ASP.NET and database stuff for the databased tools (Obituaries, Condolences, etc).

Corvox Partners
A web presence I designed/created for a growing telecommunications/security firm.

Area-Wide Technologies, Inc.
Where I currently work - started in Dec, 2003.

Digital Video Direct
The direct marketing (mail order) division of Micro-PACE... Sproing!

Micro-PACE, Inc.
Where I worked until July, 2002... both Micro-PACE and DV Direct closed their doors in Oct, 2003.  The "IP", assets, web sites, customer lists and what-not were sold to a company in FL.

Taylor Studios, Inc.
This is my ex's company. Very cool and unique business.  The design was redone in late 2003 though the flavor is still similar to what I did back in 1999.

The Delta Kings
When you are ready for a little rock and roll disguised and some rhythm and blues... or was it the other way around?  The design was redone by someone else in Q2, 2004.  Great job Eric!

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