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Sites to See

Obligatory links page?  Sure, but this is a good way to share a lot of the things I am interested in without having to spend a lot of time sharing, writing, etc.  It also has the side benefit of demonstrating how lazy I can be.  

There is a lot of stuff here, please scroll down through the headers... most of it is either TONS of fun or highly recommended (by me).

Recently Noteworthy

Prairie Cyclist Club
Spring has gotten my interest in bicycling on the plate again.  Been riding once or twice a week, occasionally as much as 35 to 40 miles!

Hooey Batiks
Some incredibly cool art in the form of clothing, lamps, pillows, and more...

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Oberweis Dairy
Cool site and great products


The Earth at Night - this particular image is incredible and wondrous.  If you are interested, I recommend you spend a little time perusing NASA's APOD: Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Humor, Fun and Curiosities

Too Much Coffee
Don't miss their comics!  This site helps me realize that I am not alone in the world.  Coffee is my friend!  That latte is my friend!

Grail Sounds
More instant fun than anyone deserves...

Movies, Movies, Movies...

Ain't It Cool News
It's just Harry, but Harry is the master!

Mr. Showbiz
Usually my first stop for general movie reviews and times.

Internet Movie Database
If you want to get obsessive about movie information, go here.  But be warned, the site is excellent with superb linking and hours could seem like minutes!

Local: The New Art Theatre
Superb venue for independent movies and the best popcorn in town!

Rotten Tomatoes
Imagine a site that gathered hundreds of movie reviewers opinions and compiled them together in a highly informative and productive...

Favorite Music/Artists

Though clearly not all of my favorites, this is a good representation of my current, yet ever changing thinking and preferences in music.

Warren Zevon
What can I say?  Warren and Stan somehow evolved as my favorites.  If you haven't heard Warren lately, you have got to check out Mr. Bad Example and Life'll Kill Ya.

Stan Ridgway
It is hard not to be a fan of the legendary story teller - you may vaguely remember his distinctive voice on Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo

Roger Waters
Founder, writer, singer, and bass player for Pink Floyd

Simply the finest hard rock band in existence - and a very cool web site with lots of links

Along with Hum, some of the finest music to evolve in the 1990s

Along with Radiohead, some of the finest music to coalesce in the 1990s.

Pink Floyd
A good starting point for Floyd info on the web, but not very much of it is anything beyond fan site (so far)

Tori Amos
Note much of a web site so far...

Hidden In Plain View

Check out my nephew's band's web site!!  His name is Joe Reo, the band is called Hidden in Plain View.   MP3s to download and listen to, lots of photos, links to reviews of their shows, show dates... what more could you ask for?  Go there now!

The Music of Yes

There are no bands that I would consider myself a fan of, I am certainly not a "fanatic".  But the music of Yes, in all their forms and permutations, has meant of great deal to me since I first bought the album Going for the One - by accident - in 1977.

Yes World
You will be assimilated, go there to get a head start

A great guide to Yes on the net

Modern Yes LogoNotes From the Edge
A great newsletter you can sign up for!

Rolling Stone Yes Anthology
1968 to 1980, the classic Yes years - audio interviews with past and present members fo the band

Jon Anderson Online
Founding member of Yes, lead singer on most of their albums, and devotee of the Divine Mother and the spiritual family.

Making Music

Decent site for learning and exploring world of bass playing

On-Line Guitar Archive - a library of files that show you how to play songs on guitar

The Bass Tab Archive
A really great site for learning new songs on bass

Band Guitar Tablature Directory
A great directory for tracking down tab on a wide range of artists

Web Sites I Have Worked On

Ralph Mackin Architects
One of the leading residential architects in New England.

Details Jewelry
Unique and inspiring jewelry by Kathy Setta with a gorgeous web site design by Meredith Rilley.

Baby TALK, Inc.
Incredible resource for parents of children 0 to 3 years old.

Life of Rilley
Whether you love the beauty of the Adirondacks or are not even sure where they are...

Sunset Funeral and Memorial
Most of this site was done by a guy named Matt.  I did the ASP.NET and database stuff for the Obituaries section.

Digital Video Direct
The direct marketing (mail order) division of Micro-PACE... Sproing!

Micro-PACE, Inc.
Where I worked until July, 2002...

Taylor Studios, Inc.
This is my ex's company. Very cool and unique business.

The Delta Kings
When you are ready for a little rock and roll disguised and some rhythm and blues... or was it the other way around?

Microsoft and Windows Related

Microsoft Corporation
You will be assimilated, go there to get a head start

Microsoft MSDN Online
An impressive collection of developer content, I spend a great deal of time here

Microsoft Downloads
Great gizmos, gadgets, guidance and even games

Microsoft Knowledge Base
Answer to questions about MS products

Windows Server 2003 home page
Microsoft Windows Home
The operating system you will love to hate to love.

Part of CNET, a great place for files, drivers, freeware, shareware, demos, games, utilities, MP3s and much more

FREEWARE for Windows
An outstanding collection of the best free utilities for current and older versions of Windows.


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