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Hopefully someone, somewhere will find these interesting or of value in choosing something that they might (or might not) enjoy.  These are my reviews written by me for no other reason than to share.  Like all things, what I write will be extremely subjective.  You can expect my reviews to talk about what I thought, what it made me think, how it affected me, and/or a recommendation or two.  I am working on an original rating system too.  More on this later...


July, 2001: Jurassic Park 3
June, 2001: Final Fantasy (coming soon)
June, 2001: A.I. (coming soon)
June, 2001: Swordfish
June, 2001: The Fast and the Furious
June, 2001: Atlantis
June, 2001: Moulin Rouge
June, 2001: The Dish (coming soon)
May, 2001: Pearl Harbor
May, 2001: Shrek
May, 2001: The Mummy Returns
April, 2001: Memento (coming soon)


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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