Name That Tune

Where: LIvVE/4Anything
Special Events Lobby

When: Thursday
Aril 12th, 2001

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Attention Team Captains!
If you expect your team to play in the next Trivia Tournament, get your list of players ASAP! E-mail the list to Matti812.

starting the game

Players will be divided up into teams of 2-6 players, each team will have one captain. Only 1 team per captain. Each team will be assigned a different font color, and each player MUST change their font to the appropriate color before the start of each round. When a question is read and you know the answer, you type in the symbol @ (shift-2). If your @ appears first on the Emcee's screen*, the Emcee will call your name. You will then have only 10 seconds to respond. The microphone will be freed, allowing you to respond either on the microphone or by typing it in the text area. Type in the answer to the question, or (recommended) say it on the Microphone... simple huh?


+ 1 point - For Correct Answer
- 1 point - any incorrect/inaccurate answer
- 1 point - expired time (15 seconds) or wasting time

captains and teams

Teams should have 1 captain and 2-6 players. Only 1 captain per team and only 1 team per captain. If there is a reason to call a time out, question a rule, protest something or ask a question, only the team captain should communicate with the Emcee or moderator. Players should make their captain aware of the issue and it will be up to the captain to decide whether or not to address it in real time.

Teams may have more or less than 6 officially listed players.  Maximum is 6.  Minimum is 2.  A team must have a minimum of 2 active players present at the start of a round to play the round.  If players get dropped, the round continues to conclusion whether the player(s) return or not.  A player may only play on the team he is officially listed on.  If a team decides to Retire or not participate in a Tournament, those players may join other teams for that Tournament.

Maximum 6 active players per round. Important note for players: your team captain will be deciding who is active for the start of each round. If there are too many people on your team, you may not get to play much. Consider joining another team or forming a new team.


1st The wonderful people at LIvVE (so I am brown nosing, bite me!) have agreed to give the winning team some ultra-kewl looking trophies by their name and a nifty yellow box for a week! 
2nd A big pat on the back, 2 "atta-boys" and 4 "durn-that-was-close"'s from all involved 
3rd Matti812/Matt will do a classic Irish Jig on comaera for you on demand, at any time until the next Tournament.  

the questions/answers...

The questions involved will be taken from varied places, but mostly from the Trivial Pursuit game. So those of you familiar with Trivial Pursuit know that it is split up into 6 categories. When making your teams you may want to take that into consideration. The questions asked are at the sole discretion of the "emcee" (person asking questions). All categories MAY be included in the round of 20 questions.

lag, timing and wysinwyg

This will be a factor, and no doubt may cause some disputes... it is to be expected. If two posts are close, lag will always make it appear that your @ symbol is first on your screen. The Emcee will call the first @ he sees on his screen.  Please do not bother disputing the Emcee - this is written in stone and an expected/official part of the game.  Make sure you have no other applications open, or running in the background to help reduce any factors that might contribute to your lag.

Also note that the 15 seconds you have to communicate your answer to the Emcee are entirely at the Emcee 's discretion.  If you are nice and polite and come in at or over the wire, the Emcee may give it to you.  If you are rude and obnoxious, the Emcee may disqualify you in 5 seconds or less - entirely at his sole discretion.  This is written in stone and an expected/official part of the game.

2001 by Matt and Jeremy, All Rights Reserved

Credit: this page is written by Matti812/Matt and Thirdof1/Jeremy. EVILRUMOR/Dusty and CarnationCutie probably get all credit for creation, inspiration and realization of this Tournament! Matt wrote the majority of the text.  Jeremy created the web page, edited everything and attempted to organize it all.  Proofing by EVILRUMOR/Dusty and CarnationCutie.  Jeremy is the actually webmaster for this page, all inquiries, corrections, suggestions, etc should be directed to him (Thirdof1 on LIvVE/4Anything, Page me, send/leave a telegram, or e-mail at <>).